Friday, March 18, 2011

Pharo Smalltalk Riak Interface - Why Pharo Smalltalk?

I have been asked why my Smalltalk Riak Interface was developed for Pharo Smalltalk, and not another Smalltalk dialect. I guess the answer is that I wanted to get into Pharo and test its tools. If I am not  mistaken, the client will run without modification on Squeak too.

To port the client to other Smalltalk dialects, only one class currently needs to be changed. This class does the interfacing to the Pharo HTTP library.

Zinc HTTP Components and a JSON implementation for Squeak/Pharo are the only external dependencies for the client. These components also needs to be replaced if the client should be ported.

Having said that, it is best to first enhance the client with needed features, then look at porting it.

When moving forward with the client, I will keep it easy to port the client to other dialects.

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