Saturday, May 7, 2011

Smalltalk, Tablets, Cloud Computing

Skrishnamachari has an interesting post, which  points at two growing trends in application development:
  • Tablets, using native applications (apps).
  • Cloud computing / the Saas model, using web interfaces.
On tablets and devices with touch interfaces Smalltalk has a tough battle, and so far I have not seen much movement. But there is one product that can play an important role: Silver Smalltalk. Silver Smalltalk's advantage is deep integration with the system it runs on. The question is whether Silver Smalltalk can get any commercial backing.

Skrishnamachari says that better interfacing with Java is vital to grow Smalltalk’s use in cloud computing. That might be true, but interfacing to NoSQL databases (Cassandra, Riak, Hbase) and services (like AWS) running in the cloud, is just as important. Cloudfork is one such interface, the Riak interface another. I think we should be able to write great cloud applications from scratch using Smalltalk, and increasingly these tools are becoming more important.

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Dimitry Golubovsky said...


Thanks for bringing up the tablets issue.

There is an experimental Squeak port for Android, targeting tablets. It is not based on the principles referred to in the Skrishna<..>'s article (it is a direct port of Smalltalk VM to Android native API), yet there IS some "movement". This port [1] is not yet ready for production use, but should be OK for anyone to experiment with it, finding bugs, omissions, etc.