Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Comparing Smalltalk Web Frameworks

Author of Aida/Web, Janko Mivšek, created a comparison between three Smalltalk web frameworks:


Janko's post started a heated discussion: Read many of the mails here.

As I understand Janko, Seaside was created in an age where pure HTML ruled the web. These days JavaScript is driving most web pages, so support for JavaScript is the most important aspect of a web framework. Having said that, not everyone seems to agree that Seaside is behind. And I think it is fair to mention that Seaside has strong support for JavaScript frameworks.

I have only tried Seaside, choosing that framework since it is the “default” one to use for Smalltalk web development. At least the comparison made me aware of Iliad, and had me rediscover Aida/web. I will try Aida/Web again.

Everyone agrees on the importance of JavaScript. It seems like Aida/Web and Seaside takes different routes to support JavaScript, and I really want to understand these differences.

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Janko Mivšek said...

Hi Runar,
Hannes Hirzel invited us to prepare a ToDo example, so that you can compare our frameworks by example too. In Aida it is near completion, then you will be invited to look and study it. It is a basic CRUD example done in strongly ajaxified way to show why the really integrated Ajax is so important.

Todo example requirements: