Friday, October 21, 2011

Source Code Search for VisualWorks Smalltalk

I have published a tool for searching through the image for a specific string: Epigent Source Code Search.

Once loaded, you get option "Source Code Search" in the VisualWorks tools menu. You can configure the tool to (optionally) limit the search to packages/bundles in your own project.

The tool has been tested with VisualWorks 7.8. It is released under the MIT License.


Boris Popov said...

How is this different from RBRegexExtensions? Those work quite nicely in RB and always within the scope of selected items. I believe latest version in Public Repository has a case insensitive switch added in.

Runar Jordahl said...

As you say, RBRegexExtensions covers most of what this tool provides. But there are a few small enhancements:

- You can configure the tool to limit the search to your own project. We have a menu item in our development environment which opens the tool on our top bundle. It requires fewer mouse clicks than RBRegexExtensions. Developers leave this small window open to quickly allow searching the code in our project.

- Sometimes you only want a string match, and not deal with RegEx escape characters.

- It performs the search slightly faster than RBRegexExtensions.