Monday, February 27, 2012

Build Time and Interaction

This article by Greg Young has some explanations on why many .NET projects suffers under long build-times:
The rational is using refactoring tools like reshaper and coderush. They want refactoring support across the whole codebase.
Another reason (...) is for debugging support (...)
The same writer reports results from a poll of different projects' build-time:
Over 50% of people had builds ranging over 1 minute! This is a real pain point for development teams (...)
OK, maybe build time can be reduced to a few seconds, but fulfilling Bret Victor's vision in "Inventing on Principle" will not be possible using tools like this.

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Travelling Greg said...

It is rather disgusting. Our project is looking to do something about it though. I have never had a build/test cycle over about 10 seconds (even in .NET). It seems however that I am an outlier.